I help people suffering from the painful affects of body inflammation.

Lisa is a passionate advocate of using food as medicine, she educates, empowers and brings people together to use specific simple food and lifestyle methods to finally take charge of their health.

Lisa's top selling international best-selling book "Your Immunity Kitchen – The Beginnings" gives you a clear understanding of how her simple, tasty recipes can improve your body and life significantly, while it feels effortless.




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Lisa has a generous, bubbly, warm and pragmatic nature with a strong vision around aiding the real health of her clients, Australian and world citizens alike.

Lisa produces her own (Australian) bespoke magnesium products to support everyone looking to their reduce pain and inflammation. She lives on the beautiful Gold Coast and loves spending time in her garden, cooking great food for her extended family while inspiring all in their journey to a strong immune system and great health.

The Real Me

My life is all about four main things.   I love spending quality time together with my family and really having fun.  I love my garden and growing great food and I love my kitchen and making amazing food to nourish my family.

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Since becoming vegan a few years back I have challenged myself to change our favourite recipes into meals we can all eat. “Cause lets face it, no one eats enough vegetables!”   I am all about flavour.  Life is boring without it so making food that has amazing flavour and is satisfying and nutrition dense is my challenge.  Especially when you are working to give the best to both family and clients without making it obvious. I love producing my organic fruit and vegetable in my garden and find it a relaxing place where I can clear my mind of clutter and just be.

I am happiest doing these things, sharing this with my gorgeous clients is another very important part of my life.  I love seeing results and surprised smiles when they see that they can do it and it was easy.  “Our intentions create our reality” and for me I love helping my clients to see this.

For me, life is about sharing your gifts.  I love what I do, I am excited every-day to see what I can achieve and who I can help and I love being able to do it from my family kitchen to yours.

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